Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Change of title

The book proposal I had accepted by my publishers earlier this year was for a work titled E-learning Strategy. The publisher didn’t like that title, and suggested changing it to How to Implement Successful E-learning. This then was the title I had in mind as I wrote the book. Now the publisher has decided to change it again, and the book is instead to be titled Delivering E-learning, with the sub-title, a complete strategy for design, application and assessment.

I can’t say I’m happy with the latest title, as the word delivery is a bit misleading. Those of us familiar with the classic training cycle will recognise delivery as just one of four stages of the cycle (after needs analysis and planning, but before evaluation). This is a familiar distinction for most kinds of service delivery, although in fairness, casual business-speak recognises delivery to have a wider meaning.

But what do I know? The publisher probably knows best, and that's the sanguine view I'm taking. Hopefully the new title will grow on me, unless they decide to change it again …