Monday, 4 August 2014

Signed copy of the Learnforever Book

I'm offering all readers and followers of this blog the chance to buy a copy of the Learnforever Book, direct from the author, at a reduced price and with extra benefits.

For just £12 sterling, you can have a copy of The Learnforever Book, signed by the author, with the personalised inscription of your choice, posted to any address anywhere in the world.

Published in December 2013, The Learnforever Book is a collection of posts and comments from this blog, between 2007 and 2013, edited and with a new introduction and index.  It covers the same range of learning and development and related business strategy topics as this blog, including leadership and management development, e-learning and blended learning, and evaluation of learning and development.

You can simply buy the book from Amazon for £15 (or US $22.49), but to take advantage of this offer, please make a PayPal payment of £12 to or click on the Buy Now link at - and email me to let me know what inscription you would like.