Friday, 26 August 2011

Fee, Kenneth: 101 Learning & Development Tools

My new book, 101 Learning and Development Tools, will be published on 3 September by Kogan Page.

It's available for pre-order on Amazon now, and if you're visiting that site, why not check out my other books, at the Amazon author page for Kenneth Fee? Comments, reviews and 'like!' markers always welcome.

Judging by the release of my last book, if you order now, you'll probably get the book right away. I'm about to go on holiday, so I expect to see it on my return. And if I return to comments about the book on this blog, that would be even more welcome!

I hope you enjoy the book, and find it useful.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Lack of evaluation

I’m underwhelmed by the response to my last blog post.

I know many followers/readers of this blog are interested in e-learning, and I thought there might have been a lot of examples of attempts to evaluate e-learning, not least to show where it is more efficient than face-to-face learning – although I believe the focus is increasingly, and correctly, shifting from efficiency to effectiveness.

I’m planning a new venture in evaluation of learning and development, and I was hoping for more informal feedback via this route, aside from the more formal market research and business development I’m undertaking. I would still welcome any examples or anecdotes anyone is willing to share.

However, I wonder whether the lack of comments (or any other responses) is indicative of a lack of examples? This is part of my thesis about L&D evaluation: I believe there is too little of it being undertaken at the moment; I believe there is too little understanding of evaluation and its importance; I don’t know of any consultancies or service providers specialising in it; and I know there has been no new book of any significance published on the subject in nearly a decade. I’d be interested to hear any contradiction of this thesis (or any more supporting evidence).

As always, comments would be very welcome!

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