Monday, 17 September 2007

Back from holiday

One of the things that often happens when you go abroad on holiday is that you miss the home news. Someone noteworthy dies and you don't hear about it until these things are rounded up at the end of the year. I suppose the digital age has mitigated that, because I did hear about the death of Anita Roddick, one of the first "ethical entrepreneurs".

I quoted a great saying of hers in my 2001 book on management development. She said "training is something they do to dogs". I much prefer "learning and development".

Anyway, I'm back from holiday, and looking forward to taking on a new assignment setting up a training academy for a well-known Scottish engineering company. I hope this won't lead to a reduction in posts to this blog, but it should mean I broaden my scope from my recent focus on e-learning. Time will tell.

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