Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Writing Again

I’ve just noted that my last post was over a month ago – I think this is the longest gap between posts since I started this blog. As you can guess, this points to me having been very busy recently. I’ve just completed a major consultancy project, setting up a corporate university for a client, including initiating their first e-learning. I’ve also started work on a new project, writing a book on e-learning strategy. Clients I’ve helped with this subject, and delegates to my public workshops on the same theme, will recognise some of the ideas when the book is published.

But don’t rush off to Amazon just yet – the process is akin to the gestation of an elephant. I submit my final manuscript by the end of July. Not literally, of course – put aside your images of me and my quill pen, blotting my vellum and leaving it to dry. Then the publisher’s work begins: reviewing, editing, index-compiling, typesetting (again, the word doesn’t really describe the modern process), designing, print and production, etc. All of which means you shouldn’t expect to see my magnum opus until early in 2009.

Working title is How to Implement Successful E-learning. I’ll keep you posted on progress, and if anyone’s got any ideas to contribute, I’d love to hear them.

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