Saturday, 31 July 2010

More about MOODLE

Thanks to those who replied to my previous blog post.
My quest to improve my organisation's MOODLE implementation goes on. The next phase of development addresses three themes: overall look-and-feel, to make the site more user-friendly and give it more visual appeal; developing micro-sites within the site to support different communities of practice; and (three weeks on) still working on the course content development capability.

We've looked at the Accordion plug-in (thanks, Chris), which is great as far as it goes, but we want a lot more of this sort of scope for learners to become more active. We've compared a lot of alternative tools, and decided against Sana EasyGenerator (sorry, Christiaan), as well as proprietary tools like Lectora and ToolBook. However, this review has at least helped clarify that MOODLE's native course authoring software is insufficent for our needs.

Udutu is quite good, but the new front-runner is Xerte, which is open source and free. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has experience of implementing this tool, especially with MOODLE, or indeed anyone who has opinions on it.

I'm looking for a course authoring tool that creates SCORM-packaged content, integrates with MOODLE, offers easy, intuitive navigation for learners, has a straightforward WYSIWYG interface for authors, and offers a good range of simple templates to create interactive and interesting content. All suggestions still welcome!


juanma said...

Hello. I suppose you know eXeLearning

kristianstill said...

I would appear we are walking similar paths. We about to move into our 2nd year. Please take what you wish from my delicious account #moodle. There are a number of tools.

Who are your clients?

Also some really great moodlers on Twitter, moodle networks and would be more than happy to share.

Charles said...

interesting blog. It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you

Scorm E Learning

Catherine said...

HI there
i've been using a consultancy to help - my moodle goes live next week - happy to share some info - we're planning articulate & captivate for our e-learning scorm modules.

can send you link to our development site too if you're interested is my work email

an und aussichten said...

How are your experiences with Xerte? Did you work collaborative with this tool?