Thursday, 5 January 2012


I don't know how accurate today's Daily Telegraph story is, re the HR manager sacked because he ticked the box on LinkedIn saying he was interested in career opportunities (the article reports a 2007 stat that 50% of LinkedIn users tick that box - I'd be surprised if it's not much higher). And, of course, I won't comment on the specifics of a case that is still to be heard...

But if there are any employers who think they can prevent their staff using online professional networking tools like LinkedIn, prevent them publishing their CV online*, stop them publishing information about their experience, skills and accomplishments while in that employment (past or present), legally bind them not to tick the LinkedIn "interested in career opportunities" box, or otherwise constrain them from promoting their employability on the Internet (or elsewhere), then they really do have tiny brains and are doomed to extinction.

* I was bemused, then gratified, to receive last month an email advising me that Visual CV was being wound up, then another email, saying that the service will continue after all. I must update mine.

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