Thursday, 21 June 2012

LEAD pilot update

In my blog post of 26 March, I promised an update on progress of the first Learning Evaluation Action Development (LEAD) programme, provided by Airthrey, the learning evaluation solutions business.

The pilot cohort of LEAD was launched in May 2012 – it’s now well underway, and has attracted rave reviews (“it’s changed my life” has been one over-the-top comment!), as well as some learning points. The pilot cohort includes participants from the housing, mental health, and childcare sectors, posing significant challenges with qualitative data and hard-to-measure value propositions.

We have already completed: enrolment; a launch event; drafting of learning evaluation contracts by all participants; formation and first meetings of an action learning set; some one-to-one tutorials; engagement in LEAD Online (a digital workspace) by all participants; and two Masterclasses, in learning evaluation approaches and applied research methods.  The participants are all now working on their agreed evaluations, and are looking forward to submitting their reports and making their final presentations in September.

Participants’ evaluation projects include the organisational impact of managers deploying coaching and mentoring, the measureable outcomes of a management development programme, and the unexpected added value of a range of short training courses.

Informal feedback has been very positive, as have the online questionnaires to measure the baselines and impact of subsequent inputs.  Participants have especially appreciated development around Total Value Add, Business Impact Modelling, writing evaluation questions, using sampling techniques, and implementing Brinkerhoff’s Success Case Method. Effectively, this blog is an interim evaluation report, with a final report due in September (yes, I’ll blog again), once we know the impact each participant’s evaluation has had.

Airthrey have already taken bookings for the second cohort, commencing 26 September 2012, which should benefit from the experience of the pilot cohort. A limited number of places are still available to book at:

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