Friday, 31 August 2012

Talking heads

I haven’t blogged much recently (just one blog post this month) but it’s the usual reason – I’ve been on holiday!

While I was lounging on the French Riviera, my colleague Alasdair Rutherford was working hard on a number of projects we planned for my absence, not least of which is the launch of the Airthrey Ltd YouTube channel.

This has proved much tougher than we anticipated.  Despite my experience of creating video content for e-learning, and less relevantly, my pre-digital video production experience, I expected it to be quite easy to create short video clips for YouTube, and yet the time we’ve invested in trying out various formats and software tools has proved disproportionate to what we’ve managed to publish so far.  Our introductory piece doesn’t even include any live action video, not even a “talking head”.

I’d be interested in any tips and advice on the best tools to use to make the most of YouTube.

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