Monday, 31 December 2007


It's been a busy year! In the spirit of "what I did in my summer holidays", I thought I'd share a summary of my activities during 2007. I've concentrated mainly on consultancy work, although I've also carried out some writing assignments, and got involved in some public training workshops.

This year I have:

Helped a client establish a corporate university
Helped a client initiate a talent management system
Helped a client implement company-wide e-learning
Written an e-learning strategy for a client
Helped a client review e-learning providers
Helped a client select an e-learning provider
Reviewed the strategy of an e-learning vendor
Helped a client review its approach to e-learning
Facilitated sessions on e-learning strategy for a client
Started to review a client's e-learning strategy
Started to organise trainer training for a client
Started to develop a further learning scheme for a client
Helped clients and prospects understand e-learning better
Facilitated a public workshop on e-learning strategy
Organised public workshops on e-learning tools and e-learning support
Written a chapter on e-learning for a learning and development manual
Written an article on e-learning strategy for a magazine
Written a newspaper column on e-learning
Started a blog!

It's been a good year. I hope 2008 is as productive, and as rewarding.

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